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J.A. Caplan is a painter and sculptor. His paintings reflect flights into fantasy; his sculptures are personal expressions of his earlier studies of human anatomy with Joe Greenberg and the repeated influence of Rodin. Caplan loves to resurrect and bring back to life old wood, scrap ferrous metals, and other castoff materials.

Caplan began painting in Vienna and Bavaria in 1972. He has been influenced by Bruegel, Hundertwasser, Brancusi, Lembruck & Frankenthaler. He has been a personal friend of Maria von Auersperg, Harry Bertoia, Klaus Ihlenfeld, Charles Searles, Andrew Turner, Horace Richter & Jerome Robinson, and the eternal feminine mystique.

Other artistic influences include Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Constantin Brancusi, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Hieronymus Bosch, Helen Frankenthaler, Josef Albers, and Wassily Kandinsky.

Caplan reviewing works at his Radiant Exuberance exhibition at Rosemont College in 2018

Sickle Cell Anemia Research

Caplan discovered a treatment for Sickle Cell disease that successfully completed clinical trials in Havana, Cuba. To learn more about his research and mission to make his treatment available in the U.S., visit